Core Values

When asked about core values, Michelle responded “Core values are revealed and discovered, over time and largely come about by experiences exposed – when living in alignment with your purpose.

This means too, that they will change over time. I know my core values have emerged and
developed through exposure to experiences and achievements. If you asked me 20 years ago what my core values were, I am certain that my core values would have been shallow and would have come without much thought.”

Now – Michelle’ s values are built on integrity – doing what you say you will; commitment – to a
challenge; discipline – to achieve the challenge and living life to the fullest – tapping into your
untapped potential. Honesty and loyalty are woven into the foundations that make up a matrix of qualities including a belief in Karma and a simple philosophy of “treating others how you want to be treated” The simple basics of human kindness, manners and respect are strong and binding traits which Michelle holds true to her core.

One value that she screams the loudest about, is freedom. Freedom is her number 1 – above all else.

Michelle unashamedly admits that freedom is the most important need – for her personally. To be tied down, locked in and living against the tide is the same feeling as she imagines a caged tiger would experience. “Don’t fence me in” was always being silently screamed during the years spent at school – where freedom was not a luxury and conformity was the order.

After years of finding herself through pushing boundaries, sticking to rigid training regimes and
never settling in her comfort zone, Michelle has realised that her purpose “found her”. This is her happy place and space. From small beginnings, doors opened and ideas got bigger.

Michelle’s desire
“not to die wondering” motivated and fuelled solo Atlantic Ocean row. It also inspires her to always keep her searching for ways to immerse her core in the uncomfortable, scary and out of the box “norm”. When you live true to your core values and are aligned with your purpose, joy, happiness, calm and peace will fill your space and energy. To be in alignment with your core value is surrendering to the struggles caused by resistance – that ultimately zap you of your energy and effervescence that you can be.

Choosing acceptance over resistance – Michelle now is immersed in the project of becoming the only woman in the world to row the Pacific Ocean non-stop, solo and unassisted.
Michelle wants to inspire a whole generation to “Start thinking you can and you will” and to “not die wondering” She hopes her story will challenge you to “find your own Atlantic”