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I am currently planning my next adventure!

Throughout my next journey there will be regular updates as I send back video, audio and images via satellite so that you can join me on my next epic adventure.

Funding is a huge part of any journey; it is often said that getting to the start line is just as challenging as the adventure itself, and in today’s climate this has never been more true.

By donating, YOU will become part of this history. 

Your donation will help this dream become a reality and along the way inspire and motivate everyone to start believing in themselves, and that they CAN achieve their dreams.

I challenge you to live your own dream, and don’t die wondering.

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If you would like to share with Michelle’s successful story please contact us to discuss what can be achieved together.

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”It’s been wonderful to see Michelle master all things boating at our local Northern Beaches marina.”

Dee O’Callaghan

Assistant Manager, The Quays Marine Centre


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